NikeWomen: Rihanna

R/GA and Nike made the viewer the rock star with the first-ever interactive music video, featuring pop artist Rihanna and choreographer Jamie King. The video premiered Rihanna's hit single "S.O.S" (the one with the "Tainted Love" sample). Viewers could stop the video at any time to learn the moves, shop the outfit, or take the Dance Personality Quiz (Are you Krumpalicious or Old Skool?). The step-by-step instructions let viewers create their own video. Soon dozens of versions appeared on YouTube, in styles ranging from dorm-room indie to Japanese anime.
Role: Concepting and copywriting
Client: Nike
Agency: R/GA
  • Webby Award Winner, Retail
  • One Show Interactive: Bronze
  • Addy Awards: Silver
  • New York Festival: Silver World Medal
  • Flash Forward Awards Winner, Video