Puma: Love = Football

Heading into the 2010 World Cup year, Puma needed a tagline and positioning it could truly own. It should feel powerful, with a hint of Puma's playful sensibility. It should be instantly recognizable across languages and cultures. It should make fans want to spray paint it on walls and shave it into their heads. I worked with Creative Director Gui Borchert to give Puma a wordless tagline and a global integrated campaign.

The "Love = Football" graphic first appeared on stickers, stencils and guerilla postings. In print and on billboards, words of love/football made the tagline endlessly adaptable. It soon extended to apparel, web video, and an anthem TV spot shot in the villages and stadiums of Africa. "Love = Football" became Puma's signature message for World Cup 2010. It has since been applied to Puma's Rugby, Cricket and Handball categories.

Role: Concepting and copywriting
Client: Puma
Agency: Syrup

Case Study
Mohamed Zidan razor video
"Journey of Football" TV spot
Ataturk Stadium, Turkey